Cookshack Merchandise Policies

Return Policy

If you have merchandise that you believe is defective and requires repair or replacement:

1. Call Cookshack, Inc. at (580) 765-3669. Ask to speak to a member of our Tech Support Team. Have your model number and serial number ready.

If you are advised to return the merchandise to the factory for repair or replacement, please observe the following procedures.

2. You will be issued a return number. A Customer Service Representative will issue you a return number and/or mail you an instruction form (called a Return Merchandise Authorization) for returning the merchandise with the return number on it.

All return merchandise must have a return number. Do not return merchandise without a return number.

3. Attach the return number to the merchandise.

If you were sent a Return Merchandise Authorization, attach it to the merchandise you are returning.

If you were issued an RETURN NUMBER by phone and not sent a Return Merchandise Authorization, attach a note to the merchandise with your name, address and RETURN NUMBER.

Print the RETURN NUMBER on the outside of the return packaging.

4. Ship the merchandise back to Cookshack.

Return the merchandise to Cookshack, Inc., shipping prepaid, F.O.B. destination, in the original container or equivalent.

All return merchandise must be shipped to: Cookshack, Inc., 2405 Sykes Blvd., Ponca City, OK, 74601.

You assume the risk of any loss or damage that occurs during transit due to improper packaging of the returned merchandise. Use the original container that the merchandise was shipped in or equivalent.

5. Repair or replacement of merchandise under warranty.

Replacement or repairing defective merchandise is at Cookshack, Inc.’s option.

If repair of merchandise is deemed necessary by Cookshack, Inc. you will be instructed as to the necessary arrangements in order to affect the repair of the merchandise.

If replacement merchandise is deemed necessary by Cookshack, Inc. you will be invoiced for the replacement merchandise upon shipment. Credit for merchandise under warranty deemed to be defective by Cookshack, Inc. will be issued upon return of the defective merchandise.

Credit may be denied if the returned merchandise is not found to be defective by Cookshack, Inc.; if it is not under warranty; if it is not received at Cookshack, Inc. 30 days after your RETURN NUMBER is issued; if it is damaged due to abuse, misuse, misapplication or accident; if it has been serviced or modified by any other than an authorized Cookshack, Inc. service agent; is not returned with an RETURN NUMBER; is not in clean condition; is not complete; is damaged or lost in transit.

Replacement merchandise is sent to you via UPS Ground or common carrier. If you request replacement merchandise to be sent by faster service than UPS Ground or common carrier you shall incur the cost of shipping.

RETURNS: Payment of return freight is the responsibility of the customer. Returned merchandise will be accepted only if freight charges are prepaid, unless authorization to ship freight collect is obtained from Cookshack, Inc. before shipping.

Returned merchandise will be charged a 15% restocking fee.