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PG1000 wins The Best Value Gold Medal

Dara Marlar  •  Cookshack Updates, Customer Testimonials  •    •   20 Comments

Cookshack was recently awarded the Best Value Gold Medal for the PG1000!  We are beyond honored to receive such an honor from a great barbecue resource center such as For those of you who have not heard of, they are a full functional website that includes a forum, cooking guides, grilling techniques, recipes, reviews, ratings culture and history of barbecue and grilling. They are the one stop shop for everything you need to…

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Celebrate Dad and National BBQ Month with Cookshack

Stuart Powell  •  Cookshack Updates  •  

Want to celebrate National BBQ Month or need an idea for a great gift for Dad?  How about a Cookshack smoker or pellet grill?  Make Dad a BBQ genius with the easy to use smokers and pellets grills from Cookshack!  Now until June 12th you can save 10% off the list price of any Cookshack residential electric smoker, Fast Eddy’s™ by Cookshack FEC100 pellet smoker, or Fast Eddy’s™ by Cookshack pellet grills. Save up to…

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Where You Should Store/Use Your Grill

Dara Marlar  •  Cookshack Updates  •  

Are you thinking about getting a pellet grill but do not know exactly where to put it? Maybe you have a pellet grill and want to make sure it doesn’t rust or wear out. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a location for your pellet grill. Choose a dry location that is sheltered. Leaving your pellet grill outside, without cover can cause damage to the unit. Do not expose your pellet grill…

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Scratch and Dent or Reconditioned Units

Dara Marlar  •  Cookshack Updates  •    •   8 Comments

One of our most asked questions is “Do you sale Scratch and Dent or Reconditioned grills?” Our answer is of course, however, we cannot guarantee we have them all the time. Factory Second Units and Reconditioned Units are two types of smokers and pellet grills we sell. We know mistakes happen, after all, we are all human. We consider a unit a Factory Second when a weld doesn’t look as clean as we would like,…

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PG500 vs PG1000 – Test as old as time

Dara Marlar  •  Cookshack Updates  •    •   4 Comments

We have been receiving a lot of questions lately about the differences in cooking between the PG500 and PG1000. Although there are not many differences in the units themselves, since the PG1000 has an insulated hood while the PG500 does not, the cooking is not identical. Our Design Engineer, Jake Rowland, ran a few tests for us to see exactly how the differences affect the cooking in each unit. The tests were ran on 4…

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HHT and LHT Settings

Dara Marlar  •  Cookshack Updates, Pellet Grill Videos  •    •   2 Comments

Every wonder how the HHT and LHT affect your cooking cycle? It can get confusing, but if you stick with it and play around with your settings, you will see a difference in your barbecue.  Your pellet grill will come preset to an average range of HHT and LHT:                 HHT preset to 100                 LHT preset to 10 The lower you are cooking, the smaller you will want your fire in order to keep your temperature…

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New PG500 Photos

Dara Marlar  •  Cookshack Updates  •    •   2 Comments

Scott Miller Photography recently came to Ponca City – in the snow – to take updated pictures of many of our units, the PG500 included. We took new photos of the PG1000 last month but were holding off on the PG500 for some changes. We received our photos back this week and we are excited to share them with all of you!                  This go around we wanted to get more…

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Get Accessories Feb 24-26 and Save!

Dara Marlar  •  Cookshack Updates  •  

Cookshack is holding a Commercial Accessory sale! Lucky for our pellet grill owners, three of the Commercial Accessories fit in the pellet grills! From Feb. 24 through Feb. 26, stock up on accessories and receive 15% off retail price when purchasing the following accessories and using promo code FEB3DAY (read our most recent email to get a list of all the accessories on sale).  Part Number Accessory Smoker Model or Size PV018 Seafood Grill SM160,…

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Food Grade Pellets-How are they different?

Dara Marlar  •  Cookshack Updates, Pellet Cooker Recipes  •  

We always tell you to use 100% food-grade pellets in your pellet grills and smokers, but why? Food grade pellets will contain less fillers and will have less moisture content and ash than pellets used in wood burning stoves and furnaces. Pellets used for stoves and furnaces will also sometimes contain glue or something to bind the pellets together. Food grade pellets will use the lignin (natural complex polymer) in the wood instead. Glue will cause…

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New Pictures of the PG1000!

Dara Marlar  •  Cookshack Updates  •    •   1 Comment

We recently had a photo shoot to update pictures of the PG1000! The new photos not only include the new logo on the front and the warming drawer but also the new stainless steel grills that replaced the cast iron. Scott Miller Photography spent an entire day helping us get the shots we wanted. He even liked us so much, he is coming back for two more photo shoots with us! We were also able…

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