Where You Should Store/Use Your Grill

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Are you thinking about getting a pellet grill but do not know exactly where to put it? Maybe you have a pellet grill and want to make sure it doesn’t rust or wear out. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a location for your pellet grill.

Choose a dry location that is sheltered. Leaving your pellet grill outside, without cover can cause damage to the unit. Do not expose your pellet grill to rain. Also, try to find a location that is well ventilated since smoke will escape from the top of the pellet grill.  

Many of our customers will store their grill in their garage or shed while the unit is not being used and move it outside when they are ready to cook. This is easy to do since the PG1000 and PG500 come with casters. If you do not want to move your grill every time you cook, then we suggest purchasing a heavy duty cover. You can purchase universal grill covers from a local hardware store or get a cover custom made for your unit from Cookshack:

            PG500 Cover – Part Number PV028

            PG500 with Optional Front Shelf Cover – Part Number PV028WS

            PG1000 Cover – Part Number PV039


PV028WS-Cover for PG500 With Optional Front Shelf


Make sure you have at least 12” clearance around the pellet grill so you can use all of the pellet grills features easily (drain bucket, ash drawer, warming drawer, bull swing of doors, etc.).

Finally, your pellet grill comes equipped with a 3 prong plug for your protection from a shock hazard. Always plug your grill directly into a grounded 3 prong receptacle. Your power cord’s approximate length is 58” (cord may vary by +/- 6”).

Additional Electrical Specifications:

  • 110 Volt, 60 Hz, single phase, 4 amp service required
  • All switches should be in off position before plugging into outlet
  • Igniter elements are 200 watts; Auger motor and induction fans are 120 watts

If you have any additional questions about where to store your pellet grill or want to build it into an outdoor kitchen, give Karen a call at 1.800.423.0698 ext 222 or email her at k_hoogendoorn@cookshack.com.

PG1000 built in - Jeremie Meitz

Jeremie Meitz’ PG1000 built into his outdoor kitchen