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One of our most asked questions is “Do you sale Scratch and Dent or Reconditioned grills?” Our answer is of course, however, we cannot guarantee we have them all the time. Factory Second Units and Reconditioned Units are two types of smokers and pellet grills we sell.

We know mistakes happen, after all, we are all human. We consider a unit a Factory Second when a weld doesn’t look as clean as we would like, a unit is dropped during shipping, there is a scratch on the metal or a unit has other blemishes that do not affect its operation. Factory Second units have not been cooked in, they are simply units that were damaged in some way or another in manufacturing or during shipping.


Units that have set in our run out room for too long can get dirty. These units are then cleaned and sold as factory seconds.


Reconditioned units have been cooked in. These units were returned to us from the guarantee or warranty periods, were used by Cookshack or a dealer for a demo, used by Cookshack’s competition cooking team for a contest or used to film a recipe video. Each Reconditioned unit is inspected and fixed before re-sale. To ensure the unit has been fixed, Cookshack tests the unit to check the amount of time it takes to get up to temperature and if it cycles like it should. Once we know the unit is working properly, we clean it and package it with everything a new unit ships with.

Units used for cooking videos are cleaned and sold as reconditioned units.

Units used for cooking videos are cleaned and sold as reconditioned units.

We keep track of the serial numbers and inspections sheets so you can know exactly why the unit is being sold as a Factory Second or Reconditioned Unit. The inspection sheet also allows our sales team to determine the severity of the damage and find a fair price. These units are sold at a discount since you are not getting the quality of product that Cookshack prides itself on.

All of Cookshack's units, including reconditioned and factory second units, are tested in our run out room.

All of Cookshack’s units, including reconditioned and factory second units, are tested in our run out room.

All Factory Second and Reconditioned Units will come with the standard Cookshack 30 day money back guarantee and two year limited warranty. They are also completely unloaded, repackaged, cleaned when necessary and given a new serial number once they are ready to re-sale.

  1. Charlie Blome

    How do we know you have any available ? Can you send emails describing what you have with the reason they are seconds or reconditioned ?

    Charlie Blome

    1. Regina Bookout


      Thanks for you interest in Cookshack and our products. Contact Karen at 1.800.423.0698 or by email at for information about what (if any) smokers or pellet grills that we may have available. Have a great weekend!


    2. Dara Marlar
  2. Tom Chalfant

    I purchased a Factory Second FEC-100 in June 2009. My unit was knocked over during shipping, but was reconditioned to like new condition before the sale to me. It’s been a fantastic unit to cook on, and nothing but reliable in the 6 years I’ve owned it. The purchase experience was top notch. Cookshack provided before/after pictures so I knew all along what I was getting. I just wanted to offer up some personal experience which may benefit others looking to follow this path. I would not be reluctant at all to do this again.

    1. Regina Bookout


      We are so glad the experience was a great one! Thanks for comment and keep on smoking with your FEC100.


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