PG500 vs PG1000 – Test as old as time

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We have been receiving a lot of questions lately about the differences in cooking between the PG500 and PG1000. Although there are not many differences in the units themselves, since the PG1000 has an insulated hood while the PG500 does not, the cooking is not identical.


Our Design Engineer, Jake Rowland, ran a few tests for us to see exactly how the differences affect the cooking in each unit. The tests were ran on 4 different days (explaining the difference in temperature during test) and all tests were done at the factory LHt and HHt settings. Here were Jake’s results:


PG500 set at 250°F

PG500 – 400°F

PG1000 – 250°F

PG1000 – 400°F

Outside Temperature during test (°F)





Pellets used per hour (lbs)





Ash produced per hour (oz)





Time to reach 250°F

12 min 38 sec

34 min 19 sec

12 min 02 sec

14 min 48 sec

Direct side maximum grate temperature (°F)





As you can see, the insulated hood in the PG1000 makes a difference when it comes to pellets used per hour, ash produced per hour and time it takes to reach higher temperatures. These may not be substantial differences to most. However, if you want a unit to get up to temperature within 15 minutes, produce the smallest amount of ash possible or use less pellets then the PG1000 will be the best option.


A few features the PG500 has that the PG1000 does not include the accessory rack on the side shelf, an optional front shelf, pellet drop and dual swinging doors.

Each unit has its perks and either way you go, you are choosing a smoker and grill in one that will outlast the test of time. Made out of 100% stainless steel and Made in America, the Fast Eddy’s™ by Cookshack pellet grills are the best choice when looking for pellet grills.

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