HHT and LHT Settings

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Every wonder how the HHT and LHT affect your cooking cycle? It can get confusing, but if you stick with it and play around with your settings, you will see a difference in your barbecue. 

Your pellet grill will come preset to an average range of HHT and LHT:

                HHT preset to 100

                LHT preset to 10

The lower you are cooking, the smaller you will want your fire in order to keep your temperature swing lower. The higher the temperature, the larger fire you will want to make sure you are searing at the highest temperature range possible.

Forum Member Nordy (Dr. Nordy’s BBQ) does a great job explaining LHT and HHT as well. He has a great eye for barbecue and our products. Nordy took home the 3rd place trophy at the 2014 American Royal Invitational using Cookshack smokers

dr nordydr nordy 2





LHT and HHT settings will work the same way in both the PG500 and the PG1000.

Fast Eddy also explains how easy it is to change these setting and what they mean in a more detailed way in his video:

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