Get Accessories Feb 24-26 and Save!

Holly Nelson  •  Cookshack Updates  •  

Cookshack is holding a Commercial Accessory sale! Lucky for our pellet grill owners, three of the Commercial Accessories fit in the pellet grills!

From Feb. 24 through Feb. 26, stock up on accessories and receive 15% off retail price when purchasing the following accessories and using promo code FEB3DAY (read our most recent email to get a list of all the accessories on sale). 

Part Number


Smoker Model or Size


Seafood Grill

SM160, SM360, Pellet Grills


Pepper Popper Grill

1 Dozen


Pepper Popper Grill

2 Dozen 

The Seafood Grill is not only for seafood! This accessory is perfect for smoking small or delicate items like fish, shellfish, or vegetables. We even used a seafood grill to make ravioli and egg rolls on the PG1000

In the following video, Cookshack’s Continuous Improvement Manager, Butch Flick demonstrates how to grill ravioli and egg rolls on the Fast Eddy’s™ by Cookshack PG1000 Pellet Grill.