Cookshack Releases the New FEC240 and IQ5 Controller

Holly Nelson  •  Cookshack Updates  •  

FEC240_Open_WithStuart_PressWorrying about getting a large rotisserie unit through a kitchen’s front door is one less thing commercial operations have to worry about with the Fast Eddy™ by Cookshack FEC240 fixed shelf pellet smoker oven. Restaurants, food trucks, caterers, delis and other commercial kitchens will have the ability to set a smoker, leave and come back in the morning with a day’s worth of smoked foods, using the same pellet technology as the PG500 and PG1000 pellet grills.

The FEC240 can hold up to 250 pounds of meat and fits through a standard door. It also allows for up to three stages of cooking, including smoke, cook and hold. Since pellets produce more heat under 180°F, all three of these steps are important. The smoke stage adds the smoke flavor, the cook stage gets foods to their required internal temperatures, while the hold stage allows the meat to stay hot while sitting in the smoker until the food is ready to be served.

The controller includes a digital readout, meat probe attachment, up to three stages of cooking options and USB port to download and keep track of cooking cycles. The FEC240 is the first unit to have the option to download smoking, cooking and holding logs to a USB flash drive. 

This unit also allows users to program eight pre-set buttons. The factory installed presets are programmed for standard meat cuts of brisket, ribs, prime rib and pork shoulder.  However, changing the presets is as easy as setting the time and temperatures and then pressing the coordinating pre-set.  Any member of the kitchen staff can load, cook and unload this smoker without the need of a chef or pit master.