PG500 Online Review

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We always love hearing from our customers. This is a great example of how a product made by great employees will always outlast and out cook the competition!

“I am having a ball, and some great food, learning to use my PG-500! To date I have done chicken (bone in breast and beer can), pork (loin roast, back ribs, and butt), and several different kinds of steak, and burgers. The only “miss” I have had was with my first time for steak. I did not have any idea the time to cook a steak would be so short, so my 4 tenderloins went passed MR to Medium Well Done before I knew it. I also roast Almonds on the top shelf as I cook other food, this works great also. I would classify my self as a “VERY satisfied customer”. I feel I made a mistake in purchasing the PG-500 in my location and uncovered grilling area. I would purchase the PG-1000 if I had it to do over, and knowing the quality of workmanship and cooking results. The PG-500 is hard to keep up temperature when the outside temperature is below 40 degrees and it rains off and on during a 8 to 12 hour cooking time. I burned almost 20 pounds of Pecan pellets while cooking a pork butt under such conditions. Therefore, I have recommended the PG-1000 to my Son-in-Law that is going to purchase one in the near future.”

Perry Joe S. – Gatlinburg, TN